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Regular posts will return at some point, I promise. I’m in my final year of High School so almost all of my time is going into studying at the moment. I don’t know when I’ll be back with more posts but it will probably be later on in the year, but they will be back. I’m just struggling for time at the moment.

Sorry for the inconvenience D:


hakyeah said: can you do perrys real death?

I’ll do this tomorrow c:

Sorry for the inactivity, been a little busy over the last few days ^^;

I’m a little behind with these, sorry! D:
My favourite death has gotta be Terry Chaney’s, I laughed so much the first time I saw it. It was just the spontaneousness of it! I love the way it links in with the second movie, where you find out that Kat was on that bus.
My least favourite death is probably Billy Hitchcock’s. I’m not much of a Billy fan anyway, and although his death was surprising and gory, it just looked really fake. I know it’s an old movie and the effects were good at the time, but after half of his head was taken off he just stood there for like five seconds, when in reality, he probably would have fallen over right after the piece of metal took him out.

boundd-to-you said: can you make a gif of the part in FD3 where they are riding the roller coaster where they are screaming and there are sparks, and the handle bars start to lift up. c:

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I loved it. I loved every second of it. From the bridge collapse to the acting, and from the deaths to the soundtrack, everything was breathtaking and was exactly what I wanted to see, hear, and feel in this movie. There wasn’t a single death you could have predicted apart from Dennis’, and the ending was just perfect. The movie was refreshing and although I think it’s a good way to end the franchise, it makes me want another Final Destination even more. Steven Quale should be proud of this movie, because for me, it’s the best one in the franchise.